See what I mean about forgetting to update.

Though in my defense it has already been a busy year around here. Between work, costuming and a convention I have been doing good to remember what my name is =)

Mega-Con is the big convention here in Orlando every year. Last year was my first year going (and it was my first convention EVER) but we only went for one day. And then Star Wars Celebration VI happened. 4 days of Star Wars nerdom at it’s finest. That was the first time I had ever cosplayed in my life, well outside of Halloween that is.


Who said Stormtroopers can’t be girls?


And I took this through a Stormtrooper helmet. =) I am attempting to locate the picture that my husband took of me taking this picture because that would just make it all that much cooler.


And here it is!! Victory!

In my next post I will start all about Mega-Con 2013 and the prep work that is already beginning for Mega-Con 2014


Project Day!!

So I have a couple of posts in the works, but I decided to work on a project as well as my posts. So some of these are going to seem jumbled up and out of order and for that I apologize.

Today I decided that I wanted to do a chipboard/mod podge project. I saw these at Hobby Lobby yesterday and my mind went running. I decided to make one for my husband and I.

The first thing I did was pick out the word and then I decided which scrapbook paper I wanted to use on each letter. I decided to go with paper that meant something to us in one way or another. After that I painted the chipboard, each letter a different color to match the paper that was going to be overlaid on it.



Starting the paint job. I got lucky and the paint dried relatively quickly, though it may have helped that it was about 90 degrees outside this afternoon.



The paint colors that I chose to go with my scrapbook paper.



The chipboard painted.




Getting ready to start cutting the paper. I measured each letter and then when I cut I left a little bit of extra on the sides so I could trim it down to fit the letters perfectly.





My preferred mod podge. Though I actually like the glitter stuff I haven’t been able to find it down here in Florida. Except in the giant oh dear god size and I definitely don’t need that much.




I put a layer of mod podge down to hold the paper and then once it was dry flipped it over and trimmed the excess off.



Doing the last couple of letters.Image

After I got the letters trimmed down. I added a very light layer of glitter paint because I did want it to sparkle a bit. Once that was dry I added another thin layer of mod podge to act as a sealant. Now I am just waiting for that to dry and then onto the wall it goes.


I need to start tracking my projects more often so I can add them on here. Every now and again I also try projects off of Pinterest but I always manage to forget to take pictures of them. Really need to work on that.


But now that I have tossed this post up in record time I need to head back to the other ones and eventually get them finished, proofread and up.