Project Day!!

So I have a couple of posts in the works, but I decided to work on a project as well as my posts. So some of these are going to seem jumbled up and out of order and for that I apologize.

Today I decided that I wanted to do a chipboard/mod podge project. I saw these at Hobby Lobby yesterday and my mind went running. I decided to make one for my husband and I.

The first thing I did was pick out the word and then I decided which scrapbook paper I wanted to use on each letter. I decided to go with paper that meant something to us in one way or another. After that I painted the chipboard, each letter a different color to match the paper that was going to be overlaid on it.



Starting the paint job. I got lucky and the paint dried relatively quickly, though it may have helped that it was about 90 degrees outside this afternoon.



The paint colors that I chose to go with my scrapbook paper.



The chipboard painted.




Getting ready to start cutting the paper. I measured each letter and then when I cut I left a little bit of extra on the sides so I could trim it down to fit the letters perfectly.





My preferred mod podge. Though I actually like the glitter stuff I haven’t been able to find it down here in Florida. Except in the giant oh dear god size and I definitely don’t need that much.




I put a layer of mod podge down to hold the paper and then once it was dry flipped it over and trimmed the excess off.



Doing the last couple of letters.Image

After I got the letters trimmed down. I added a very light layer of glitter paint because I did want it to sparkle a bit. Once that was dry I added another thin layer of mod podge to act as a sealant. Now I am just waiting for that to dry and then onto the wall it goes.


I need to start tracking my projects more often so I can add them on here. Every now and again I also try projects off of Pinterest but I always manage to forget to take pictures of them. Really need to work on that.


But now that I have tossed this post up in record time I need to head back to the other ones and eventually get them finished, proofread and up.




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